Friday, December 18, 2009

The Old Dirt Road

An old Jeff Foxworthy joke went something like this: If the directions to get to your house include the phrase "turn off the paved road," you might be a redneck.

To which we now add Or living in America during the Great Recession.

A few thoughts on this:

1. Do not tell Ray Nagin that this is how some localities are cutting back on "services."

2. On the other hand, some gravel roads might be better maintained than our current roads in New Orleans.

3. "First world" standards are just one big crisis away from "developing world" standards of living.


1 comment:

Dante said...

You can tell how far we've come when dirt road and gravel road are used interchangeably. I read about the Michigan situation earlier in the year. They are making gravel roads. IMHO, dirt roads are near worthless in wet or freezing conditions. Gravel on the other hand isn't much different rain, sleet, snow, or sunshine. Yeah, it's tougher on your car but good thing we're all environmentally unkind and bought SUVs. My Wrangler laughs at your puny desire for pavement.

There are a few roads I can think of that would be better as gravel than poorly maintained pavement. Most of them are in Texas where I grew up. Maybe it's the soil or climate but paved roads in Georgia hold up exceptionally well more often than not. But there is one road in Banks County, Georgia locally called alligator road that rides like a washboard and could do with some regravelization.