Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Oyster Guy

No, not that oyster guy. The the other oyster guy. The one that is ingloriously digging carbon levels out of oyster shells. Is he part of the Vast Climate-Change Conspiracy too? (HT: The Daily Dish)

When we had this discussion in November, I made the following comment:

That's the strength of having a lot of scientists around the world running tests and tests and engaging in research and peer review.

If one small group loses credibility due to shenanigans or incredibly incorrect predictions, it does not reduce the credibility of the entire body of work worldwide, because it is usually the scientists themselves who disprove the work of other scientists. That's generally how science works. That's where their overall credibility comes from.

Despite the emails from the University of East Wherever, and their "validation" of the far-reaching and decades long hoax that legions of unnamed scientists have pulled on the whole world in the interests of recieving more research dollars, endowed fellowships and TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION!1!, the numbers coming out of that university represent only a small part of the worldwide body of knowledge on this subject.

Even if you invalidate all their numbers and all of their studies, there are still mountains of statistical data, compiled by folks like the oyster guy, that the deniers have zero answer for.


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