Thursday, December 03, 2009

Tweet or Twit?

It was only a matter of time before someone had to update their Twitter and Facebook accounts from the altar during a wedding ceremony. I mean, more power to him. At least his wife seemed cool with it, so she obviously knew what she was getting with that ring. It is their wedding after all, and not everyone is cool enough to riff the scene from November Rain.

I have only two questions:

What is the over/under on this guy being a Georgia Tech graduate?

What did he tweet from the first night of the honeymoon?



Leigh C. said...

Heeeey, my cousin's a Georgia Tech grad, and he did NOTHING like that at his wedding! The boy's got MANNERS, dammit. Not like this guy who whipped out his electronic penis at his ceremony and pushed its buttons for all to see. THERE's some narcissism for ya.

The Corwyn said...

Question 3: Will he twitter his divorce proceedings...?

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

@ Leigh - One of my favorite people in the world graduated from Tech, and her wedding was awesome. I admit there are some normal folks who end up, for whatever reason, at the Institute. However, when you see something like this, you have to ask.

@ Corwyn - "From @WreckedNuptuals: she got house and car but I keep WoW account Win!11!"

DADvocate said...

What did he tweet from the first night of the honeymoon?

My first thought. Probably something like, "Watching the entire Star Wars series..."

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

+1 DADV.