Monday, January 04, 2010

2010 Predictions

2010 Prediciton. Feel free to post your own.

1. Obama gets his groove back and musters > 50% approval ratings for the second half of the year.
2. Democrats lose in the ballpark of 5 Senate seats. (We'll call the margin of error 2 for tracking purposes so 3-7.)
3. Specter loses the Democratic primary.
4. Specter runs as an independent in the general election.
5. Specter loses that independent run.
6. There will be no card check bill making an up-or-down vote.
7. No immigration reform will even make it to the floor.
8. The Senate version of health insurance reform with a few token changes to make the House look important will be signed by the President this year.
9. One of those 3-7: Harry Reid
10. No climate change bill will receive and up-or-down vote.
11. Perry loses the Texas governor's race. (Perry is running for too many re-elections. Texans get antsy about that sort of thing. Between Hutchinson and the Democratic challengers, one of them will bring him down.)
12. Camp Guantanamo will be alive and well through the end of the year.
13. Republicans will not take control of the House or Senate in the 2010 elections.
14. A lot of conservative talk from both sides of the political isle will produce exactly zero legislation.
15. We get too much Palin somewhere whether it's a radio show or TV talk show or maybe just as an over-used pundit. We're going to get way more Palin than even her fans ever wanted.

EDIT: In 6 and 10, I'm referring specifically to the Senate.


Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

1. Nope.
2. I'd bet the over.
3. Yup.
4. Yup.
5. Yup. To a Republican.
6. No opinion.
7. Yup.
8. Nope. Not even close.
9. Please.
10. Yup.
11. Wow.
12. Yup. It will remain so until KSM's trial.
13. Wash.
14. Thus it ever was.
15. Scandal. Some manufactured scandal will put her in our living rooms and finally take the heat of Tiger Woods.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...


A. Saints return to playoffs after 2010 regular season.
B. So do Falcons.
C. Tiger Woods wins at least one major.
D. Rams franchise moves to Los Angeles.
E. USA advances to semifinals of World Cup.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...
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Cousin Pat from Georgia said...
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