Thursday, January 14, 2010

44 Inches of Snow on the Blog

To this day, there are still no US Army Corps of Engineers constructed domes over any northern state with the intention of keeping snow off the ground.

Here we go again, indeed. The historically revisionist "hardy northern white people deal with snow without complaint while all those lazy southern layabout black people wait for the gubbmint to save them" internet meme is making the rounds yet again.

On the other hand, New Orleans does have a US Army Corps of Engineers built wall around the whole city that was built with the intention of keeping water out.

This time, it ended up in Lord David's inbox, and he posted a spirited reply over at Humid City. You should read it. I'll wait.

So, when several hundred million gallons of water ended up inside New Orleans, you ask the government about it, with your questions directed at the government organization specifically tasked with preventing this sort of thing from happening.

Yes, the meme has been circulating for years, each time referencing some faraway northern place like Colorado, Michigan's Upper Peninsula, North Dakota, Montana, Alaska, et al. True, has has countered this email as nothing short of pure bullshit. Hell, I've added my share of rebuttal.

That's not "whining," that's logic.

So why, you may ask, is it important to go over this again and again and keep brining it up?

Because that is the only way you can put an end to bullshit, that is why. If someone tells a lie big enough and repeats it often enough to a population that willingly remains ignorant of factual history, you end up with the lie being history in the form of common cultural knowledge.

People who live in New Orleans, are related to New Orleans or just plain want history told the right way for the future health of our Republic are called on to respond to such bullshit, wherever they see it, with the derision it deserves.

And one last thing: the reason you have 90% less social problems north of the 48th parallel is that 90% of the world’s population lives below the 48th parallel.


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Pristine Post, Cousin Pat!
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Big Editilla Cherry'Os
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