Monday, January 11, 2010

Actually Prosecuting Terrorists

Or, Change I Still Believe In.

Remember all the right wing screaming to haul the Christmas Day testicle-incinerating pantie-bomber into military custody and apply "enhanced interrogation" techniques to get him to talk? Remember how they thunderously procliam that our own criminal justice system can't handle the terrorists?

Yeah, not following the advice of those discredited assclowns is one reason I voted for Obama last year, and I continue to stand proudly by my choice.

Bob Barr adds this very well reasoned and intelligent opinion on the subject.

Those who oppose the decision to use our traditional criminal justice system are focused on instilling fear in the American people.


It is time to face the fact that the military commissions system of trying and detaining terrorist suspects has failed. Now is the time to return to and reaffirm our faith in our constitutional criminal justice system.

Bold added for emphasis by HR.

I also like the conviction Barr demonstrates by putting his name and reputation behind Beyond Guantanamo: A Bipartisan Declaration (PDF).

In a nation where the neocons are still, inexplicably, taken seriously by so many, Barr's stance is risky. Such positions are routinely called out as anti-American, pro-terrorist, and contrary to the interests of American national security.

Risky, but necessary. The Obama administration continues (slowly) to work its way out of the catastrophic mess the last guys made of things. The voices of sane individuals on the right and the left are vital in keeping the restoration of law and order moving forward.


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