Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ender's Game

Pat called this one. Scott Brown beat Marcia Coakley in the MA Senate race. There are some random points that have come to mind during election day yesterday:

-In a very blue state like Massachusetts someone won running a really real conservative campaign. I'm not saying that's why he won but there are a lot of conservative Republicans who feel they need to act more like liberals to keep votes. It annoys me and I'm glad to see a good counter-example. By conventional wisdom, even if Coakley wore a Klan hood and shot babies on the campaign trail, she should've beaten someone who ran as far to the right as Brown ran in such a left-leaning state. The real question I have is if Brown will really be a conservative or if that was just more conservative pillow talk.

-Best comment ever: "Coakley took the Senate campaign and drove it straight into Lake Chappaquiddick." [From the comments section of a random article I was reading.]

-It would be foolish for either side to ignore the other side of the coin. Republicans should be wary of calling this the return of conservatism just as much as Democrats should be wary of solely blaming Coakley while ignoring the issues her ship sank with.

-Pat probably gets another win out of this. I assumed the health care bill on the table would be more or less what was passed, but that was before they renamed it "HR3590: Jonestown Edition." Pelosi may think she can still get the House on board with this but it won't happen.

-If jobs were so important, why weren't they your focus already?

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Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

- "In a blue state like MA," the same MA that gave us former Governor Romney in the GOP presidential field. Blue and Red matters far less than accessibility and charisma. Watching Brown's acceptance, he has those qualities in droves.

- On that speech - it was good to see Republicans celebrating someone who can string more than two coherent thoughts together, and who doesn't tap into the lunatic paranoia of the base.

- How long until Brown goes from conservative hero to right wing target as "too-liberal?"

- Best comment I saw? "GOP Wins 41-59 Majority in the Senate." Followed just now by "HR3590: Jonestown Edition."

- Reid is done this fall; he might as well salvage some dignity and retire.

- It all comes down to Obama's reaction. He has implemented dozens of positive changes through the executive branch, and now Pelosi and Reid have saddled him with his biggest defeats.

A. If he gets back in the game, he can take it over like he was Michael Jordan.

B. If he continues to let Pelosi and Reid define the party, he will be known as Carter II.