Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp

Your grandmother's chinchilla jacket cannot save you now! Especially from the wit of the NOLA blogosphere. Let's take a look, shall we?


Umm, but an inquisitive person might wonder: what would motivate this celebrated conservative "investigator" to work with a team to allegedly bug Mary Landrieu's New Orleans office, and why would they attempt to do it right now? (A complimentary magic jack installation? I doubt it.) Hmm... Well, Mary's brother Mitch is running for mayor of New Orleans, and despite absolutely no evidence, it's an article of faith among conservatives that Mary Landrieu has made a deal with national Democratic party party interests to assist her brother's election. Although lack of proof never stopped them before, perhaps they wanted to uncover evidence of some coordinated plot, in order to throw the race in a tizzy.

Little Liddy the Pimp

They may have *thought* this was a zany high spirited stunt that would get them on Bill-O's show but they're in deep shit with the Feds.

Lil' Liddy & the Liddettes

A Senator, accusations, and four young men "with no prior criminal record" just laying there with no verbs as though they just fell in together in Lucy's lap. What a farcical little situation we have here. Isn't it all so cute. Your heart sorta goes out to those four young men with no prior criminal record. I hope wiser persons come to extricate them from "the center of it all" before dinner.

DUMB + ASS = James O'Keefe

I hope the RNC is going to pay their legal bills for them and give them jobs when they get out of prison in a couple of years. Maybe they can work for Tom Delay. ... What a fucking moron.

What is the Pelican Institute?

That’s what The Pelican Institute is: A group of partisan ideologues masquerading as an objective, intellectual “think tank,” outsourcing their “analysis” to established conservative think tanks like Citizens Against Government Waste, the Reason Foundation, and the Cato Institute because they don’t actually employ any real scholars themselves.

The Pelican Institute. Neither pelicans nor an institute.

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GentillyGirl said...

When Letten is done with them, all of them will get in touch with their "feminine" side.