Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Let That Be Your Last Battlefield*

It's election day in Massachusetts. (Did I spell that right?) Brown vs. Coakley. It is a tight race by the polls but I'm interested to see what happens when people actually vote. I don't really expect Brown to win. Romney polled close to Kennedy back when Romney challenged Kennedy's seat but it wasn't a close election. This one will be closer than that but I don't think it will even be close enough to recount. But we'll see. I'll post updates as I get them (which means sporadically).

A lot of people say health insurance reform hangs in the balance but I'm not so sure about that given that there were doubts it would pass back when Coakley was assumed to be the winner. I think the left might be setting up an excuse for themselves.

* With the title I'm actually taking a swipe at Pat's earlier (and massively overused) dismissive on science fiction "We wouldn't want too many minds to be influenced by a science fiction movie, would we?" by naming my post after a Star Trek episode that can and damn well should influence people on the topics of race and war (and all in an episode that originally aired in 1969 when such topics were still somewhat taboo). I'm mulling over the idea of doing the same with all my future posts for a while.


Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Brown has this election sewn up. Expect apoplectic Democratic strategists, a lot of spin, and a legion of right wing talk radio vindication come tomorrow morning.

The media has been disappointed with the lack of widespread violence in Haiti and will want some other controversey present to sell advertising.

Like Dem victories in 06 and 08, this election does not mean what the pundits will think it means. (Election scopes change immensely when you think your vote actually matters - hence the low primary turnout.)

I hope this shot across the bow will get a lot of congressional Dems to stop taking their voters for granted and understand the power of narrative to the body politc. I also hope this will roust Obama out of his rhetorical slump and start hammering home the differences between his administration and the last.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Told ya.