Tuesday, January 05, 2010

What Drives the Negative Comments About Christianity?

The main thing that drives negative comments about Christianity, Bill, is the inexplicable behavior of some individuals who call themselves Christians.

Ignorance of the term "proselytizing" only fans those negative flames. Most Christians become upset when someone calls their beliefs and behaviors a load of stinking bullshit, and yet they have trouble comprehending why others might react the same way when Christians talk smack about Buddhism, Islam and Judaism.

Now, the vast majority of the good folks I know are real live-and-let-live types who don't care how you express your faith, so long as you don't screw other people over.

But as a Catholic in the South, there are a few times I've had to smile and nod my head and attempt to explain the theology of my baptism to born-agains who want me to "be saved" like they are. "Yes, Bubba, Catholics are Christians, too. Yes, I'm sure I know what your preacher told you about us. Thank you for your concern about my prospects for the afterlife. Yup, beer's in the cooler - no, I won't tell your wife you spent all evenin' drinkin' and playin' cards over here."

And if "Christians" give me that much crap over theological differences within their own tradition, I can't imagine the hell they give other folks. So most of the negative comments are really just backlash. Don't start no shit, won't be no shit.

And one last thing, Bill, isn't this a news program? It is? Then why are we talking about Tiger Woods's religion, of all things? The Woods story wasn't even real news when it broke. Millionaire cheats on spouse; no taxpayer money involved. Done. End of story. Y'all act like think kind of thing never happened before.


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