Friday, January 29, 2010

Who You Want To Be

Spencer Hall spreads some New Orleans love in the world of sports memes:

New Orleans: Gastronomic wonderland, studded with striking colonial architecture found few other places in America, prone to flooding and patches of extreme poverty. HOLY COW DID YOU SEE THAT RAT. Blessed with a long tradition of both homegrown and adopted literary and musical talent, and currently enjoying underdog status as a unique multicultural city on the comeback trail following the worst natural disaster in recent national history. Sometimes, people get naked in the streets for tiny balls of plastic.

Indianapolis: Proud of their shrimp cocktail. Clean, mostly. Much less likely to get shot in than New Orleans. Ample parking day and night. David Letterman got his start there as a weatherman, and sometimes gave humorous but fake updates...which angered people. Not exactly diverse. The favorite, and therefore not the beloved underdog. Brushes and flosses, takes the garbage out promptly, and likes a good night out at Applebees.

So America, to review: you'll root for who you want to be (New Orleans) while rooting against who you actually are (Indianapolis).
(Italics mine, HR)

HT: Kyle King at Dawg Sports, while investigating which team Bulldawg fans will be rooting for.

And there's no question what team I (UGA - 2002) will be rooting for. Woof Dat.


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Dante said...

They're both pre-merger NFL teams so I don't care but I just don't see Peyton Manning losing this one. The Saints remind me of that Rams team that played the Pats in the Super Bowl. The Saints have a lot of problems but they make up for it with their offensive prowess. I just think that runs out eventually. I really like Gregg Williams but that high stakes defense will crap out when faced with a QB who rarely makes mistakes.

As far as UGA players, I know he's not playing in the Super Bowl but isn't Charles Grant still on the Saints payroll? At the very least, he should be a tie breaker.

But don't forget that Indianapolis was the city used in the TV show "Good Morning, Miss Bliss" which was eventually retooled into the almighty "Saved By the Bell" (and inexplicably moved to Bayside High in California). I don't know if I can go against Screech, Zack Morris, Mr. Belding, and the chick from the Parent Trap.