Friday, January 15, 2010

Why Do Blue People Hate America?

It is mighty important the right wing discredit James Cameron's Avatar as liberal propaganda. We wouldn't want too many minds to be influenced by a science fiction movie, would we?

I've already wrote down some a few of my opinons about Avatar. But today, I ran across where Tom Shone at Slate takes apart some of the political critiques of this year's biggest movie.

Normally when right-wingers come gunning for a movie, it's meek, well-intentioned granola like Lions for Lambs, Rendition, or Good Night, and Good Luck—movies that can only perform a single one-armed push-up before collapsing facedown into the mud.
(I've always found it interesting the right wing uses flop movies as examples of Hollywood's pervasiveness and power.)

The article gets better as Shone explores the real symbolism - and true appeal - of Cameron flicks:

Remember that Cameron was born in Canada in 1954, which means that he spent his formative teenage years—the years he was getting into guns and trucks and girls—watching the giant that lived next door receive the beating of its life in Vietnam. It left him with an almost forensic fascination for "how the mighty fall," his enduring theme as a filmmaker, from The Terminator through to Titanic.

Think of the Marines in Aliens, whooping it up in the drop ship as they load their gun clips, only to find that their superior firepower is useless on LV426 for fear of triggering the plant's nuclear core. Their armor hissing with alien acid, they cannot ditch it fast enough. The film is a study in military hubris.

This kind of forced introspection is what true right-wingers despise, because they (along with their hard core leftist counterparts) are the minority of individuals who actually enjoy not being challenged by what they watch or read. Their form of "entertainment" is to have their already-held beliefs regurgitated back to them, to reinforce their worldview.


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