Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Congratulations, Saints.

I figured Pat would be on here by now, but I guess the Super Bowl has incapacitated him to an extent. So your good pal Dante is here to do the honors of congratulating the New Orleans Saints for winning the Super Bowl (and costing me $20 in the process). There was a lot of Indy love before this game and now that it's over I'm hearing a lot of backtracking and excuse-making for my fellow Colts-pickers. You can blame what you want but the fact of the matter is that the Saints went to Miami and absolutely outplayed the Colts. And they brought New Orleans a Super Bowl victory in the process.


Leigh C. said...

Bless you, Dante. If only the sportswriters thought the same.

Happy Lombardi Gras!

patsbrother said...

"Lombardi Gras."

"Dat Tuesday."