Friday, February 19, 2010

Crazy College Football Offseason Idea Time!

We are currently experiencing the post-coaching change/National Signing Day, pre-Spring practice lull in the college football season.

That means it is time to entertain Crazy College Football Offseason Ideas! What the hell else are we gonna do, watch the Winter Olympics? Please.

I'm late to this party, but I'm excused. This was the longest college/pro football season I've ever experienced - from August 14 to February 16 - and yes, a week and a half of victory celebrations do count.

However, I know from years of experience that all CCFOIs begin and end with conference realignment.

I only post the SI link because that was the first one I read, not because of any inherent agreement to the premise (though moving to a 64 team Division-I is something I wouldn't mind seeing). But everyone in 16-team conferences?

Nope. Well, not unless the Senator could run it.

Just leave the SEC at 12 and make the rest take whoever. As a matter of fact, let's just say the SEC Champion automatically qualifies for the National Championship game. I mean, as long as we're throwing out ideas...

But the big news (and actions more likely to actually occur) is that the Pac - 10 and the Big 10(11) are (allegedly) hunting Big XII schools to join their conferences.

While some nutcases think Texas might go somewhere, the most reality-based road-maps to Pac-10 expansion run through Utah and Colorado.

The Big 10(11) is apparently after either Texas, Nebraska or Missouri. Again, good luck getting Texas to go anywhere. The Huskers are a bit of a stretch, but Mizzou would fit right in to fill out the Midwestern dozen. If the Tigers jump ship, there is hope that Arkansas would bail on several million SEC dollars a year, allowing the SEC to add Clemson. Then, of course, the ACC has to go looking for a member somewhere.

The mental excercises are fun, but what this assumes is that major schools are going to jump ship from their conferences, and the conference at the bottom of this ladder appears to be the Big XII. I wonder why that is.



Dante said...

Yeah, Texas will never jump conference. They'll be in the SWC forever. Oh wait a minute, there is no SWC anymore because Texas and 3 other schools left it to join the Big 8. The only roadblock I see to Texas leaving the Big 12 is that the powers that be in Texas might try to force any potential suitors to also take Texas A&M and maybe Texas Tech as a package deal.

As far as teams like Missouri or Nebraska jumping ship, they've been with their Big 12 North peers for over 100 years in most cases. I just don't see them leaving the Big 12 North division. Especially since that division is a relatively easy path to a National Title right now.

But all-in-all, if you're wondering why the Big 12 is ripe for the picking, it's because they just don't pull in a whole lot of money compared to the hardware they have in the trophy rooms.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

There isn't a SWC anymore because sometimes scandal can sink a whole conference.

I'd be surprised if any team save Colorado bailed on the Big XII. It just depends on how heavy the money truck turns out to be.

Texas doesn't have to go anywhere, as they already make serious bank. But money or prestige shouldn't be a problem for a conference that includes Texas, TAMU, Nebraska and Oklahoma.

Dante said...

To blame the SWC breakup on scandal that was 7-10 years old at the time of the breakup seriously ignores the underlying politics of 3 public schools plus one politically-well-connected private school ditching 3 private schools plus one out-of-the-loop public school to create a conference with more national appeal. Increasingly nationalized TV contracts and the cash that went along with them split the conference. Scandal was just a heck of a scape goat.