Friday, February 19, 2010

Credibility Gap: Dick Cheney

Most politicians piss on your leg and tell you its raining.

Dick Cheney waterboards you, gets you involved in one 9 year war with a fourth rate power, one 7 year war with a fourth rate power, subjects your legal system to enhanced interrogation, muddies up the already confused definition of "terrorist" and then later tells you he's pissed on your leg, too.

He expects you to appreciate all the battles he fought and the "shoot outs" he had with pesky government agents in his own administration. He worked really hard to piss on your leg.

He says the current administration is threatening your safety by not pissing on your leg enough. He's mad that the current administration does not want to piss on your leg. Their lack of urinary desire makes America less safe, in his loudly stated opinion.

He wants you to know all about this pissing contest but at the same time forget how things actually happened.



Dante said...

The only "credibility gap" Cheney has is that he means what he says, even if that goes against the grain of what his boss was doing.

"What Cheney really wants is a restoration of torture and an evisceration of civilian control well beyond the point favored by even his own party's leaders and officeholders—even George W. Bush."

What gave them that idea? Maybe it's Cheney going around saying THIS IS WHAT I WANT pretty loudly to anyone who will listen. The only difference is that Cheney doesn't put "enhanced interrogation techniques" and "torture" into the same category. If you do, that's ok. Just realize that what Cheney advocates is a subset of torture.

A better urination analogy is that Cheney is going to piss where he's going to piss. If you don't like that then don't stand there. Oh and if you're a terrorist and have info Cheney might want or need, he'll waterboard your ass to get it and not lose any sleep over doing that. That makes him an easy target for demonization, but he's not running for office so it really doesn't matter.

patsbrother said...

As between the two of you, I think Dante's got a better handle on Cheney than Cousin Pat does. I would only suggest Cheney sees "enhanced interrogation techniques" as non-torture rather than a subset of torture.

Regardless, though, the man still looks like Danny DeVito as The Penguin.

patsbrother said...

Link FAIL.