Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dat's Just Wierd

M. Styborski has an exhaustive list of where the Saints' Super Bowl performance falls as far as NFL records are concerned.

What got me was the strangeness at the end of the post:

Then there’s the freaking Twilight Zone of history… As Super Bowl XLIV got underway, there was an e-mail detailing some oddities circulating. Super Bowl 44 played while the 44th President of the United States sat in office. There were 44 days from Christmas 2009 to the 2010 Super Bowl. The Saints organization is technically 44 years old. It has been 4 years and 4 months since Hurricane Katrina and the Saints won the NFC Championship game against Minnesota 4 minutes and 44 seconds into overtime.

A few other things I noticed after getting that e-mail: Hartley’s winning FG was a 40-yarder and he made 4 extra points that day, Tom Benson graduated from St Aloyisius in the class of ‘44, Garrett Hartley’s second FG was a 44-yarder, and wouldn’t you know it, when the Saints knelt down on the last play of Super Bowl XLIV… there were :44 seconds left on the clock!

Thus begins the cottage industry of looking for "45" symbolism in and around New Orleans.



Leigh C. said...

Well, we can start where most New Orleanians already start: with alcoholic beverages. Colt 45, ahoy!

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

HOLY GOVERNMENT LARGESSE, BATMAN! Just yesterday, New Orleans was approved for a TIGER grant new streetcar line to the tune of 45 million dollars!

The stars are still in alignment!

Dante said...

We have some updates from our fact -check department:

Official NFL timing puts the kick at 10:19 left in overtime. I don't really fault you for that one. But Pat, what in the hell?! When did Katrina hit? How do I know this and you don't? It was the end of August. That's 4 years and 5 months. How are there 4 extra points with only 3 TDs? And one of those was a 2-pt conversion. Did you watch the game?

Dante said...

Our fact check department got fact-checked:

Uh yeah, the 4 extra points were in the NFC Championship game. Nice one, Dante.