Monday, February 22, 2010

The GOP, Tea Parties, and You...

I don't usually review hit pieces but I get what the author is trying to do here and agree with it in a somewhat less hyperbolic way. There's a lot of Ron Paul love going on right now and that alone has piqued my interest. I threw my vote away in the 08 primaries by voting Romney over Paul and have regretted that decision ever since. And these days, I look around and see an awful lot of right-leaning pundits praising Ron Paul when they wouldn't give the time of day to him two years ago.

Greenwald is trying to point this newfound love out but in a rather silly way. He's trying to set up these "A-Ha!" moments by point out Pundit X can't POSSIBLY support Ron Paul because of [insert single issue here]. People can disagree with candidates even on large issues yet still support them. You couldn't really stick to two political parties without that give and take. What's far more interesting is why they haven't supported Ron Paul until now.

I suspect Greenwald is right about motive in many cases. There are plenty of people in the GOP who have no interest in actually trying to push a conservative agenda. A lot of them just campaign on conservatism and hope we look the other way when they're in office. I imagine that a lot of this posturing for Ron Paul is based on GOP me-toos trying to ride the coattails of a real conservative into office.

But Greenwald has ignored our shifting attention from foreign policy to domestic policy since 2008 (well, really since 2006). For all our wailing and gnashing of teeth on spending increases under Bush, it only took Obama a year to make Bush look like Scrooge McDuck. Compound that with an Obama foreign policy that looks awfully similar to Bush's and a lot of people just aren't worried about the one topic with which they disagree with Ron Paul the most. Yeah, foreign policy is very important but if Obama can't make significant changes, how will Ron Paul?

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Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

When I went to see him speak in the fall of last year, I picked up on significant disagreement with the status quo GOP.

I understand exactly where Greenwald is coming from. The GOP controlled government for an awfully long time, and did not govern in any discernible libertarian way. Their pundits cheerled the whole time, and called out those who disagreed as anti-American.

For those same folks to claim a "libertarian" or "small government" mantle now is laughable. The GOP is only about small government and libertarianism as a market strategy. They don't govern in those ways, and have proven it again and again. I agree completely with Greenwald on that.

As for domestic and foreign policy, plenty has changed, much for the better - but not a lot of folks can see that over the pile of debris the last 8 years left us to clean up.

But I would love to see the Ron Pauls of the world take over the GOP. First of all, that would get us away from the marketing hacks who've been running it into the ground. Second, we might get to debate some ACTUAL conservative policies. Third, I would adore there to be an ACTUAL contrast between government philosophies.

No government funded schools? Let us have that debate!