Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rebel Leader

Ole Miss is going to get rid of their decades-long mascot, Colonel Reb. It is all the "get rid of the symbols of the Old Confederacy thing."

But it is tough to come up with a new symbol for a school in the South known as the Rebels. You might say there isn't any symbol on the planet they could co-opt without it either being a let down or fraught with some other controversey.

That's not a problem, though, since some Ole Miss students are going intergalactic in their quest for a mascot.

Who better to represent the Rebels than the Leader of the REBEL ALLIANCE?



Leigh C. said...

Clay Travis is lobbying hard for William Faulkner. There probably wouldn't need to be too many alterations to Colonel Reb, in that case, but I think most of the students would find his work to be waaay over their heads.

Dante said...

"Mississippi" and "big fat dork" don't go together nearly well enough for them to start using Ackbar. The only way Ackbar really fits is when other SEC teams describe their game against Ole Miss: "It's a trap!" If you really have your heart set on an Ackbar, I might suggest Ackbar and Jeff. A stadium full of people wearing maroon fezes would be quite intimidating.

Personally, I think they should stop trying to dodge royalties and just officially make Yosemite Sam their mascot.