Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Washington Street Liberation Army

Actually waging a War on Christmas? By giving blankets, food and firewood to homeless people? Brilliant!

The WSLA might be one of the greatest ideas I've ever heard out of Athens.

Who does the rest of the WSLA want to see in office? While neither Lewis nor Rusk would ever speak for the group, Rusk has some general ideas for what the Washington Street Liberation Army wants for Athens: they want to see Star Wars on a big screen again; they want a return to the dollar PBR; they probably don’t want people sleeping in tents because they don’t have any other place to go; and they don’t want children spending Christmas in homeless shelters on Barber Street.

Super Secret Liberal Takeover Headquarters loudly applauds the WSLA.


1 comment:

Dante said...

Shouldn't we be fighting our common enemy: The Liberation Army of Washington Street?