Wednesday, March 03, 2010

ACORN Teams Up with GOP in New Orleans

Maybe with inflammatory headlines like that, I too could work for the Batt campaign.

For my non-NOLA audience, here's the rub. We have a City Council runoff election on Saturday, which pits a Democratic candidate vs a Republican. The Republican has been sending out mailers that "connect the dots" from ACORN to the Democratic candidate.

One problem: ACORN never endorsed the Democratic candidate. And as a matter of fact, during the last election, ACORN endorsed the Republican in his losing bid for the seat.

Despite his historical connections and former political alliances to the local chapter of this nationally disgraced voter(registration)-fraud-and-prostitution organization, the local GOP has thrown all their support behind this candidate.

Guess I'd better grab my chinchilla jacket and some secret video cameras when I go to the polling station on Saturday!*

(HT: Yellow Blog)

* Maybe not a bad idea, since my plan includes a trip to Baton Rouge for the UGA-LSU basketball game. Woof. Dat.


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