Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another Strike

I don't know how I missed this terribly important examination of American health care back in September of 2009, but it counts as yet another strike against me this week.

Consequently, it coincides with opinions I have heard from both Dante and my friend Jerzey in the past. Our current health care system is not consumer-driven; well, it is, but we aren't their consumers in the classic sense. Like those two individuals, this article looks at the system from a standpoint somewhere different than our politics and media would like.

The article reaffirms (inferred justification?) several of my beliefs that the current system of health care is irretrivably broken, and conversely that the reform bill signed today will do little to address the core issues behind exploding health care costs in this country.

While the proposed solutions on page six are as utopian as any "let the market decide" or "government should provide" version, the author notes that they may not be the best ideas or lead to the most desirable outcomes. Such proposals prove just how difficult this issue will be to resolve effectively.

Because, Sunday's vote notwithstanding, we aren't done with health care. We've barely even started the journey.


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Leigh C. said...

To all your failed predictions, there is only one response: D'OH!