Tuesday, March 02, 2010

"The Asshole Quotient"

Lot of good reading these days on the interwebs.

Adrastos works his way through the maze of the NOPD's recent troubles.

Where do we go from here? As I said earlier, the truth of all the post-K NOPD horrors needs to come out and the worst offenders should be fired and prosecuted. But as a practical matter, we cannot fire the entire police force and start from scratch. People need to stop thinking that police corruption is like a virus that contaminates everyone: it's more individualized than that, the majority of cops ignore it and pretend that it's not happening. Deniability leads to denial.


Cliff also wrestles with what to say about police and race in New Orleans. I think his responses to this situation are completely rational and understandable.

And this thought gives us all something to think about:

The problem is they all live by a code. Good officers don’t lose any sleep when a bad cop goes down but they won’t step up and speak out against those same officers. There’s a code. People in the community know who the killers are and whether they admit it or not, no one loses sleep when they get shot or go to jail. As rough as the environment is they are not going to call and turn in Ms. Jones’ grandson especially to the police that disrespected her nephew last week. It’s the same kind of code and a viscous cycle.


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