Saturday, March 27, 2010

Barr on Political Violence

The American kind. Link.

It is probably too much to hope that party leaders would stop bracketing their remarks condemning violence with clever political phraseology implying the other party is somehow responsible; but it sure would be nice if they did.

One thing that is not too much to ask, however, is for both major parties to stop the unseemly spectacle of permitting their fundraisers to use the current climate of combativeness for political and fundraising gain. Such tactics continue to coarsen the debate even if they do not directly fuel the current climate of hate.

Well, said, sir.



Dante said...

With such a mancrush for Barr I'm surprised you voted Obama.

patsbrother said...

It's a family thing.

The only politician to whom the Republican son has handed money is Ralph Nader.