Friday, March 05, 2010

College Rock

Huck mentions the Athens' music scene in a comparison with the indie/progressive rock scene in New Orleans.

Athens, GA, from what I gather, has a growing reputation as a kind of indie/progressive music place.

Of course, the first thing I had to do was get over my contractually obligated cultural comparison reaction: "But, Huck, Athens is the greatest college music scene on the planet, and here are eleventy reasons why," etc.

The second thing I had to do was think: New Orleans has an indie/progressive rock scene? Where? Who? What??

Guess I better start listening to WTUL.

And I was just thinking the other day, that since New Orleans has WWOZ radio, and that radio station is the greatest on the planet, that all other music radio that I can pick up consistently in NOLA has to suck.

I can barely hear the Ragin' Cajun' anymore. "Rock of New Orleans'" evening classic rock barely balances the "We Hate Obama With Funny Voices" morning talk nonsense. The lackluster rotation on every other local station makes me miss the days I lived under the cultural hegemon that was Jacksonville (FL) radio. < / sarcasm >

So, thanks, Huck. I'll have to tune in.



jeffrey said...

NOLA rock at its finest.

Kevin Allman said...

Pat, you'd be surprised. After decades of mediocre rock bands in a city known for music, we're finally getting a critical mass of well-respected indie-rock bands, and they're filling clubs every night.

Check out:

- Generationals
- MyNameIsJohnMichael
- Rotary Downs
- Lovey Dovies

Here's a free downloadable sampler of New Orleans indie sounds, from Gambit. You can burn it to CD or put it straight on your iPod.

Kevin (from Gambit)

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Thanks, y'all. After the year of teaching school, my going out habits changed dramatically.

I have my theories, but I wonder why y'all think it has been so difficult for indie/prog- rock to take hold here.