Thursday, March 18, 2010

If Endymion Happened 7 Times A Year

Its like the tourists took the worst aspects of Mardi Gras back home with them.

UGA Administration attempts to ban assclownery on UGA's North Campus. If it can't be done with folding chairs, blankets and picnic baskets, you can't do it anymore.

(Can you imagine NOLA doing this with ladders? Be still, my heart.)

While it is a shame the UGA administration has to resort to this measure because too many classless idiots choose not to control themselves at football games, I am confident the real tailgaters in the Bulldawg Nation will roll with these new restrictions at their usual high level of professionalism.

My old tailgating crew knew how to make stuff happen. Despite all our accoutrements (coolers, tables, chairs, tents, washtubs full of ice, kegs, grills et al), we always left our area cleaner than we found it, and we were able to do so before the game. Such lessons paid dividends for tailgates later hosted in New Orleans at the Endymion parade and in Baton Rouge for Georgia road games.

We didn't leave messes. And we didn't act like jackasses. No exceptions to these rules were allowed, and individuals who could not behave themselves found themselves disinvited to future events. As UGA has just disinvited many of the jackasses to North Campus, I can't get too upset about the changes.

Are there different ways to ward off the jackasses? Absolutely. Drop a few $200 citations on major offenders, or take them to the pokey when they complain, and watch how fast people start cleaning up after themselves. Every student caught for underage possession has to show up that evening and clean campus. A couple extra dumpsters wouldn't have been a bad idea, and neither would some designated areas for more port-a-potties.

But all that requires planning and money and effort UGA isn't willing to spend. With Adams (UGA's version of Ray Nagin) at the helm, you just knew he'd take the easy way out and start cracking down. Frankly, after seeing pics of how bad some of those folks trashed North Campus, I'm loathe to raise a hand in complaint.

It is a shame for those who played by the rules. But it ain't a suprise.



patsbrother said...

I was pretty much with you until you got to the part about President Adams being UGA's Ray Nagin.

I completely, utterly, wholeheartedly disagree. You lost me on this. And personally, I feel that such a comment devalues how credible you are on what works and what doesn't.

I've never understood the grudge you and others hold against President Adams. He's done some things I disagree with (such as the opulence with which he remodeled his office space). However, under President Adams's tenure, UGA has prospered academically, physically, aesthetically, and financially, and opportunities for student research and foreign study have increased.

In my opinion, President Adams's tenure has been marked by a high degree of institutional competence. If anything, President Adams has been the opposite of UGA's version of Ray Nagin.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Fairly easy to do since the state of Georgia was dealing with boom years for almost the whole of his tenure. Let us see how well he fares now that the state is in a financial crisis.

But backroom deals, an exorbitant travel budget, mismanagement of staff, lack of transparency, promotion of cronies, alienation of core constituencies...there are plenty of comparisons that are apt.

Matter of fact, Adams could join the Palin/Nagin 2012, Chocolate Moose Administration as Minister of Edumucation.

patsbrother said...

Hmmm. "[B]ackroom deals, an exorbitant travel budget, mismanagement of staff, lack of transparency, promotion of cronies, alienation of core constituencies...there are plenty of comparisons that are apt."

Methinks ye be referring to the wrong president.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

There were plenty of valid comparisons between Nagin and Bush as well, but I thought I had already made enough of those.

patsbrother said...

Methinks you misunderstand the president to which I refer.