Thursday, March 25, 2010

Impeachment Articles Drafted

The next phase of the health care debate really puts rubber to the road as Attorneys General from the several states* sue the government over the constitutionality of the helath care bill just signed into law.

An interesting side project to all of that? Georgia's Attorney General, an elected Democrat, has opted not to join the lawsuit. The governor, an elected Repbulican, drafted a memorandum trying to compel the AG to do so, which the AG has ignored. The AG's reasoning** is that such litigation is doomed to fail and will cost the state of Georgia too much for a losing effort.

Because of this, Georgia Legislators are drafting Articles of Impeachment against the Attorney General.

If the comments section to that post is any indicator, reaction to this news varies considerably. I'm wondering what happens if this impeachment gets legs. Impeachment is much more political+ than the boring legal processes of a lawsuit, so I'm wondering if this news goes national.

* Between 37 and 14 of them, depending on which side of the media to which you listen.

** Or, what he states is his official reasoning.

+ And sells more advertising to news organizations and partisans.

(HT: Beyond the Trestle)



Dante said...

I really like the idea of the states challenging the federal government on health care, but I don't think we should impeach our Attorney General for not fighting a case he's pretty sure he can't win. A big part of his job is making that determination. And as long as he is doing his job, I see no reason to impeach him for making that call even if some of us don't agree with it. The Attorney General works for the state, not the governor or state legislature. If we as a people are really unhappy about this decision, we can rectify it in the elections. (And I think he's up this November.)

Dante said...

Sonny may appoint a special attorney general to sue the federal government. I didn't know the governor could do that, but as long as it's on the legal up and up and as long as the appointee is working pro bono, I have no problem with it.

patsbrother said...


Federal legislation creating cumbersome new responsibilities for the State. Nah, leave that alone.

Judge reduces the sentence of a teenager who had consensual oral sex with another teenager. Appeal immediately!

Thank you, Mr. Baker.