Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Independence Bowl Security

I guess hosting the Georgia Bulldawgs and Texas A&M Aggies was too much for little ole Shreveport to handle. I think this might be a little bit of overreaction on the part of the locals.

That was the only feasable explanation I could come up with, anyway.

Other lines of thought I was going to try:

1. End of the world scenario, hunh? Maybe someone in Shreveport has been spending a little too much time on this website.

2. This is why you shouldn't let your imaginary friends and science fiction dictate government policy.

3. Readiness for really real world emergencies seldom involves combat training and vehicles with .50 caliber machine guns. If they were for real, they'd spend 99% of their time working on logistics and communications and they'd make sure they had plenty of TRAILERS.

4. Ten bucks says they are doing this because Shreveport is a destination city for hurricane evacuees from New Orleans and Houston.

5. Can't blame 'em for worrying about the End-of-the-World, can we? Saints won the Super Bowl, after all.

Any others?



Dante said...

Operation Exodus? Did those guys even read Exodus? I don't remember a .50 cal machine gun in that part of the Bible or even a militia.* From what I remember, the Jew packed what they could carry, made some loans they'd never repay, and got the F out of town. I also don't remember an "end of days" scenario playing out there. That'd really paint them into a corner seeing as there are 64 books after Exodus in the Bible. Maybe they pulled an "Escape from the Planet of the Egyptians" and time traveled their way out of the apocalypse, and somehow I just missed that part of the story.

* I know Deen claimed this is the "opposite of a militia" but the reporter failed to take into account that it was in fact Opposite Day when Deen made that remark.

Leigh C. said...

Those poor folks in Shreveport are preparing for the end of the world whilst completely ignoring the zombies in their midst. It's DISCRIMINATORY preparation, I tell you! Equal consideration and equal rights for ALL end of the world scenarios!

I mean, they're not even preparing for Nirvana over there. What the hell?