Thursday, March 18, 2010

No Country For US Security

I remember a few short years ago, when idiots inside the United States started calling French fries "freedom fries" because of all the terrible things France did to us. You remember what it was they did?

They didn't join us in a war against Iraq.

Oh, the calamity! What a terrible insult! The outrage! We are Americans! We saved France! Twice! How dare they not do exactly what we tell them at all times! Who do they think they are?

We don't let any nation behave like this towards America!

Well, except that one...



DADvocate said...

when idiots inside the United States started calling French fries "freedom fries"

Do you know anyone who actually did that? I don't. We've always called them "fries" and still do. More concise.

BTW - I was in Hotlanta last weekend. Hot it wasn't, froze my ass off while my son attended a football combine. Stone Mountain was cool though. Rode the tram up and froze some more on top.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Yes. I also had more than a few people tell me they refused to buy books by French authors because of "what the French did to us."

I usually call them "fries" too.

Glad you had fun in the ATL. I haven't been to Stone Mountain since I was little (in the summer, with laserlight, fireworks display, and politically incorrect songs to sing along with) but I remember it being a lot of fun.

Dante said...

France did more than not fight with us. They also denied our military access to their country. No docking. No airspace. Nada. That's pretty unusual for an ally. But France has been more of an enemy of our enemy than anything else ever since de Gaulle pulled out of NATO. I thought the "Freedom Fries" thing was hilarious if a bit over the top. I also loved the ads for French military weapons: never fired, only dropped once.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Yes, but they were already fighting side by side with our troops in Afganistan. That counts for an awful lot of credit, since that has been the more difficult nation (historically speaking) to invade.

But I remember those heady days in the lead up to pre-emptive war. "If you aren't with us, you're with the terrorists" and "Axis of Evil" rhetoric convinced enough Americans to hold enmity towards a presently fighting ally because they opted out of our war of choice.

And, really, how often do we let France use our airspace and territory as staging grounds to invade third parties?