Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Real Republican Sighting!

Pay attention, folks. There are Republicans out there who are running on actual, tangible ideas. They are ideas about how to run government more effectively, and, if I may be so bold, the specific idea under discussion is rather bi-partisan.

Dismantling the Georgia SRTA involves little political name calling or hyperbole. This is a debate that should center on the purpose, effectiveness and process of a government agency that seems to have overstayed its welcome and is doing actual damage to the fiscal bottom line of the state.

That is what 90% of politics should be about. Yeah, my blood doesn't boil. The subject may be boring. Someone may have to read a couple of financial reports. The issue probably won't make the national news. No book deals will result. Protests are not likely to be involved.

But the result could be savings in the 100's of millions of dollars for a state that is facing a budget crisis.

(Bonus points awarded for demonstrating what real "shadow" organizations look like in government. New Orleanians have been wondering... Got to read the comments section for that zinger.)


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