Friday, March 19, 2010

Strangest Political Narrative Involving Health Care Reform

You know, I can write off the talk of death panels, dictatorships and secession as the strange legacy of Fire-Eaters hyperbolizing every political issue this country deals with in Chicken-Little fashion.

I can even excuse the soothing balm of "let's-start-over-ism" as an attempt at "more reasonable" political discourse. It has good selling points.

But the strangest meme of the whole Health Care Reform debate, to me at least, is when Republicans and right-wingers advise that if a Democratic colleage votes for the bill, their re-election chances are surely doomed.

When did the GOP start worrying about the Democratic chances of re-election? Is there a district anywhere in the country where some local GOP will not throw everything they have at a Democratic incumbent, should that individual vote against this bill? I thought that was what the death panels, dictatorship and secessionist talk was all about in the first place!

I mean, if your opponent is about death panels and dictatorships, should it matter what their vote is on any issue? Haven't you already demonstrated that you're going to launch into hysterics and hyperbole regardless of any decision they make?

If this bill passes, and I still maintain that it won't, it will be because the GOP, through use of such hysterics, violated one of Sun-Tzu's old truths and have allowed the Democrats no position to which they believe they can withdraw. The Dems have to fight at this point, they have to go down swinging, and they know it.



DADvocate said...

I believe you understand this, which is that the Republicans primary goal is to defeat Obamacare. Assuming that elected officials want to be re-elected, the Republicans are reminding and reinforcing to the Demoncrats that their re-election is virtually nill in many cases if they vote for Obamacare.

Of course, come election time, the Republicans will try to defeat the Democrats anyway.

As far as Sun-Tzu is concerned, I'd have to re-read it to find what rules the Demoncrats broke by painting themselves into a corner of assured defeate where many, maybe most, will not be re-elected no matter how they vote.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Oh, I absolutely get it. It still just blows my mind that it is used so often, that folks use it with a straight face.

Regarding Sun-Tzu, the answer is "most of them," but the most blatant being the part about victorious warriors winning first, then going to war while defeated warriors go to war first, hoping then to win.

I know that is probably Sun-Tzu's most famous quote, but it applies most significantly here.