Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Turns of Phrase

Transparency is still a Big F___ing Deal. Jeffery and The Lens are asking the right questions.

In School Choice news: New Orleans' Charter Schools are doing a Heck of a Job, according to RSD Superintendent Paul Vallas. Where have we heard that before?

In Media Criticism news: half an hour ago, the schools link was the lead article on NOLA.com. (While it was published yesterday, it has the most comments of any recent news item.) When I went back to get the URL, it was off the front page, didn't even get a mention on the "News" section until page 2, but was the top article in the Education section.

Not saying there were shenanigans going on here, but it does seem strange to me that an article would go from front page with image to three links in, especially on a controversial topic.


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Leigh C. said...

Oh, for God's sake...I go out of the south for Passover and this crap happens? Yeesh.