Wednesday, March 24, 2010

When Historians Attack

How many leaders have, when faced with the abject failure of their policies and the ire of their constituents, declared they would be vindicated by history? To be fair, most individuals playing the "history" card let their underlings and cronies do it for them (please see also: Rove, Karl), so they don't have to sound so desperate themselves.

I theorize that the number of leaders who have pre-emptively claimed future historical vindication has to be much higher than the number of leaders actually vindicated by historians later on.

And, no, I'm not basing this theory on the opinons of the Texas Board of Education.

I don't like it when policy is crafted in deference to an elected official's imaginary friends, so I really don't like it when those imaginary friends live in the future.

But at this point, C. Ray Nagin, lame duck mayor of New Orleans and future GOP Vice Presidential candidate, has so many imaginary friends and enemies, it is getting difficult to keep track. It would be one thing if he just kept his delusions local, but he insists on taking them national.

Maybe he's angling for his own show on Fox News? Guess I'll just have to go "back to the future" and find a Texas history book from 2085 to see how it all pans out.

Update: Of course, actual history from 8 years ago tells a different story.



patsbrother said...

CORRECTIONS for March 24, 2010.

In a recent post, "When Historians Attack," this website referred to outgoing New Orleans mayor C. Ray Nagin as a future vice presidential candidate of the GOP.

Rather than as a candidate for the GOP, Hurricane Radio's crystal ball actually predicts Mr. Nagin will be a future vice presidential candidate for the as-yet-nonexistent "Chocolate Moose Party."

Hurricane Radio apologizes for the error.

CLARIFICATIONS for March 24, 2010.

In our recent "Corrections" feature, this website referred to C. Ray Nagin as the "outgoing" mayor of New Orleans.

As it was used in that feature, this descriptive term referred to Mr. Nagin's status as an incumbent officeholder whose replacement has already won election.

Insofar as some readers might have interpreted "outgoing" as an assertion that Mr. Nagin was "interested in or responsive to others," Hurricane Radio apologizes profusely.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

+10 Sprout.

Folks, he's finally catching on.