Sunday, April 04, 2010

Get On Your Job

Sometimes, very quiet news needs to stir up a hornets' nest. This is one of those times. Transparency and effectiveness aren't just talking points, they are why the last guy to have the office is leaving in disgrace. If the new guy gets a sniff that someone's going to give an inch, this ain't gonna be a pretty "next four years." Here's the first test.

The local hope and change express is headed for epic fail. NOLA's search for a new police chief, most specifically.

You know how coverups magnify the affect of mistakes? Yes. Process matters, and there are reasons process matters.

Mad props to Editor B for republishing this news.

Look, I can understand that a task force has to work within institutional limits and on deadlines. But some of the described breakdowns are easy to avoid in the first place and fix in the second. This is not rocket surgery. Even if you don't want to broadcast what goes on in meetings, you still take minutes to keep from going over the same old ground again and again.

As far as communications are concerned, it is a shame no one (left) on the task force appears to have heard of email or phones or calendars. Or, hell, copy machines and couriers. This is a cryin' shame.

And then to remove someone for pointing these things out? Sorry, folks-in-charge. That does not lay a foundation for badly needed public confidence in this process. You do not fix problems by eliminating the messenger. You will be found out. You will pay a price.

If you are in charge of something and you are reading this, yes I mean you. Do not get mad at people for pointing out the obvious. As one of the speakers told Mayor Nagin in January of 2007 at the Enough march against crime, "GET ON YOUR JOB."

Update: The story does have legs. I heard about it on the radio in the drive in to work, and the the paper is covering it as well.


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