Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Maybe Sometimes Race Isn't the Reason...

Suppose you're a college RB on a team where nobody else is worth a damn. Also suppose you have the running style of Eddie George (completely upright) mixed with the evasion skills of Emmett Smith (as in "none at all"). Why might NFL teams be leery of drafting you? Oh yeah, because you're white. That must be it. It can't have anything to do with injury and longevity concerns. And it sure can't have anything to do with fears of a RB who hits everything on the field not being able to make that transition from college to the NFL. It must be because you're white. Look, I like Gerhart's style and I think he'll make an amazing NFL fullback if he can catch a short pass. But as a pure RB, the NFL scouts are right. He's a huge injury concern without a huge upside to counteract it. The way light reflects off his skin doesn't change that. Given he likes running into people so much, I don't see why he's not eager to take the FB role. Looks to me like he was born to play that part.

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