Thursday, April 15, 2010

Metroplex Football Post

So someone at the Washington Examiner is shocked that a school system is spending somewhere between $60M and $120M on a new football stadium... in Dallas. Then he has the nerve to say, "I like football as much as the next guy and I know the sport has darn near religious devotion in Texas..." No, apparently you don't like football as much as the next guy, and you also grossly underestimate "religious" devotion in Texas. Take a look at the churches around there. This new football stadium will fit right in.

It's hard to explain high school football in Dallas kind of like it's hard to explain SEC football to northerners. I had a friend who was quite involved in his local football program ask if high school football was really bigger in Texas than it is in Georgia. Without flinching, I answered yes and I think I hurt his feelings a little. But it's true.

And while $60M is a lot, the city of Allen is loaded right now. In the 70's and 80's suburban sprawl pushed outward from Dallas and the populations in places like Plano, Arlington, Duncanville, etc. exploded. Well, now those areas are more urban than suburban* and the towns just outside of them are experiencing that same growth. Allen is basically the next town out from Plano. The norm now for even smaller football programs like Midlothian and Lancaster is a completely glassed-in press booth than would make press working at Sanford Stadium jealous. I think it's overkill but nobody around there is complaining.

* I'm using real definitions here. "Urban" isn't a code word for "African American." I'm strictly talking population density, traffic, public transportation, etc. I just thought a disclaimer would be nice after my ambiguous use of "integrated" in another post.