Friday, April 30, 2010

River. Of. Oil.

My kingdom for a slow news day.

Oyster discusses the river of oil. This is not a "spill" as spills are finite. It is disingenuous to call it a "leak" like a drippy faucet. No, it is a river of oil flowing from under the sea into your seafood and drinking water, with the smell of petrochemicals in the air.

Of course, Oyster is ever the optimist:

On the bright side, Big Oil had the foresight to obliterate much of Louisiana's coastal wetlands with their oil transport pipes, so there's far fewer estuaries to cordon off now as a potentially disasterous oil slick arrives. Since there's less state to protect, we must be saving a shitload on protective boom. Hi five! If that's not a rainbow lining on a black water cloud, I don't know what is.


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