Saturday, April 24, 2010

Speaking of Edits

Ah, the Tea Party. I had such high hopes. They had a chance to restore some semblance of conservatism and fiscal responsibility to the right. They had a chance to highlight civil liberties. They had a chance to really highlight the libertarian aspects of the Founders.

Instead, they keep dancing further off into the land of sinister make believe.

But like Sarah Palin supporters, I'm supposed to be careful not to hurt their feelings by calling them bad names. Even though they associate folks like me with communo-social-fascist anti-Americanism.

One wonders when my edit-minded brother will use his syntax savvy skill set to tell us why the TP's and SP's of the world use incorrect historical definitions.

I'll not hold my breath.



patsbrother said...
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patsbrother said...

What incorrect historial definitions?

WAIT: are you telling me you AREN'T a communo-social-fascist anti-American?!? What did you do will my beloved communo-social-fascist anti-American brother? TELL ME WHAT YOU DID WITH HIM!!!

DADvocate said...

Maybe you should revisit the sweet folks at the Coffee Party.

Rosenbaum spends a lot of time arguing about semantics. At the danger of committing a tu quoque, the hypocrisy here screams out. Rosenbaum cares no more about the truth than you had high hopes of the Tea Party. It's all about avoiding the real issues and delegitimizing those who disagree with you.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

I did read that article and laughed out loud. The hilarity of having two hyperbolic political splinter factions named after innocuous breakfast beverages cannot be denied.

The emergence of a "Coffee" party was inevitable. That idea was hatched about 5 minutes after the Tea party got their first airtime. Now they have some Facebook presence. Awesome.

And while I didn't quite see any "violence" in the article (as Gateway Pundit always seems to find when more than two liberals criticize a right wing policy), why is it difficult to believe that the Coffee folks wouldn't become the "other side of the coin."

Hell, I just got invited to join the Facebook group "Leftists for Gun Rights."

A divided society low on empathy but high on name calling and melodrama does not facilitate reasonable centrism and respectful dialouge. We're taking the most progress-prone society in the world and racing towards as many progress-resistant cultural traits we can get our hands on.