Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Start Another War

The last Republican administration already proved that it did not have the strategic vision to finish one war with a 5th rate nation. Knowing that, they kicked off another war with a 4th rate power. Again due to badly planned strategy from Washington, the United States has failed to strategically close that conflict in our favor.

We've been at war with Afganistan since 2001. We've been at war with Iraq since 2003.

In almost any other time, the individuals who started those wars and failed to bring them to a favorable conclusion for our nation - within that amount of time for that amount of blood and sacrifice and that amount of treasure - would be roundly disgraced and discredited.

While our military on the ground has held things together despite all obstacles from a determined enemy and a Washington that didn't know what it was doing, the folks in charge just kept going about business as usual. Let's invade, but not plan for what happens after that. Don't worry, we'll be welcomed as liberators. Shock & Awe. Mission Accomplished.

It is as if these people are too busy planning the next war to finish the current wars.

Anyone who misses George W. Bush as President should remember how loudly the whole nation had to howl for him to finally dismiss Rumsfeld and get a Secretary of Defense with a brain instead of a raft of cliches and a testy attitude towards the media.

Now that we're trying to extricate ourselves from this mess without sacrificing any progress made and essentially handing Iraq and Afganistan to Iran on a silver platter, what is the Republican suggestion for our next move?

Pull the trigger on Iran. What is that, tripling down? After hearing from McCain, and listening to Sarah Palin, I'm really glad I voted for the other guy HCR be damned.

Start. Another. War?

With what? The very reason we can't put tremendous pressure on Iran, and the very reason other great powers are happy to watch us twist on this is primarily because we're already entangled in committments. Our society is war weary, our society is not prepared for more war and our leaders are unprepared to demand the deep sacrifices a third war in the Middle East would call for.

Especially the Republicans who got us into this mess in the first place.

But I guess it plays well on Fox News, radio and excites the base. So, further away from reality we go!



Dante said...

Raft of cliches? Testy attitude toward the media? Obama was never Secretary of State...

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Obama's attitude towards the media is not what I would consider "testy." DADVocate had a link recently (can't remember which one) which pegged Obama's media attitude perfectly: "lulls them into a daze."