Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tulane Football Reimagined

I read or heard somewhere (YRHT?) recently that Tulane University (infamous for cutting engineering programs while being the biggest university in a city nearly destroyed by an engineering failure) was going to spend $100 million+ on football expansion for their woeful CUSA team.

There is only one scenario where such a move comes close to making sense. One.

For some reason, they think the SEC is going to expand, and invite them to re-join the conference.



Dante said...

The SEC is talking expansion war with the Big Televen, and you don't declare war and then turn around an absolute dumpster fire of a team that overlaps TV markets with a solid team you already have. There are two huge TV markets right up against the SEC border in Houston and Dallas. The SEC is going to do what it takes to get those markets. I imagine they'll make a play for Texas and after Texas turns them down for not taking shitty teams like Baylor along with them, the SEC will settle for the likes of TCU and Houston. I also see the SEC raiding the ACC for lesser teams in big markets the SEC doesn't currently have a foothold in like North Carolina and perhaps Virginia or West Virginia. The SEC has the high octane teams. They just need to expand the markets interested in their product. Tulane just isn't going to do that in a meaningful enough way.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Your reality means nothing to wishful thinking of expansive university presidents.

The big question that does arise from this is: has the SEC already been talking expansion behind the scenes?

oyster said...

Yes it was YRHT

here's what Kaare Johnson of WIST 690am has been saying for weeks

"Tulane will build a $100 million dollar athletic project that includes a "32,000 seat on-campus RETRACTABLE roof football stadium with a new administration building in one endzone and new basketball arena in the other endzone"

It's not 100 mil just for the football stadium. Here's what reported a week ago. They say the on campus football stadium is estimated at sixty million.

We'll see how it unfolds. I'm sure there's someone at Tulane with a fantasy about joining the SEC.