Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fire-Eaters Set Free In Georgia

The New York Times is today* is reporting that a Federal court in Savannah, Georgia will be unable to continue with the prosecution of Charles Lamar and his cronies for the importation of African slaves to Georgia's Sea Islands.

This means the man who said he would re-open the slave trade went ahead and did so, and there was nothing the combined governments of the United States or Britain could do about it.

As if planters' sons weren't incourigible enough already, now we have to deal with them taking daddy's yacht to the Congo to see who can traffic in human beings the most flagrantly.

I'm sure this news will calm things down on the national scene.

Must be nice to live in a place where you can use local sentiment to your legal advantage. We all remember how Savannah's citizens rallied in support of the Fire-Eaters and secessionists who hijacked the Democratic National Convention in Charleston.

While the rest of the nation is trying to figure out how to build more railroads and roll more steel, these boneheads are racing to return to their 18th Century fantasy land. They're so angry they can't take their slaves with them to California, they want to leave these United States and STILL not be able to take their slaves with them to California.

Luckily, we appear to have far more sense here in New Orleans.

I'm sure this latest news will require yet another demonstration. Perhaps this time everyone will remember to extinguish their oil lanterns BEFORE heading to the rally.

* - 150 years ago, today...


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