Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Forget Tennessee (A Very Special Episode of Jackass of the Month)

Pat pointed out in the last post Tennessee had quite the storm roll through last weekend. While the governor was busy telling everyone to find shelter and mother nature was busy dropping tons of rain on the state and killing 29 people in the process, Vandy decided that they should hang out on the baseball diamond with UGA's team in case things cleared up enough for them to play. And somehow they did work in a few innings before the deadly storm put a stop to the game.

You see, Vandy is hard up for SEC wins and UGA isn't having its best year. So Vandy's coach decided not to just do the sane thing and call the game so they could beat up on lowly UGA. When the storm was imminent Saturday morning and the pictures of Yazoo City started filling the news cycle, they should've called the game instead of sitting both teams, the staff, and any remaining fans inside a big metal cage that was on the verge of getting flooded.

So next time you get that soft spot for Vandy because their football team is looking like it might beat Florida or they get ranked or the basketball team makes it farther than it should in the NCAA tournament or whatever the reason, remember last weekend. Fuck Vandy. They act like their tendency to be subpar at sports is because they have high standards. They have no standards. Even Urban Meyer wouldn't pull something like this. As much as that jackass will do to win, he won't gamble his players' lives for it. The Vandy fans' responses are sadness that the two remaining games were canceled when they should be happy both teams didn't get killed.

For this very special Jackass of the Month, I nominate Vandy. And that includes baseball coach Tim Corbin, the Vandy athletic department, and the fans who can't even see what their coach did in his blind desire to win.

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