Monday, May 10, 2010


What else can you call it when a major ecological catastrophe is ongoing, with no signs of stopping any time soon, caused by the marriage of compromised government regulation and unaccountable business practices on the part of giant corporations, who display no intention to change, while government displays no intention to make them change, where half of the body politic in your representative republic deludes themselves into thinking necessary changes are an unnecessary (or conspired) plot by political rivals to force change just to piss them off.

This goes so far beyond epic fail, I don't know what to call it. I mean, there is a hole in the earth literally spewing rust colored, creeping death into the biosphere above, and all the advanced technology of man has so far been unable to staunch the flow.

Like we drilled too close to Hell, and the Devil ain't happy.

Just what will the world look like when every liter of ocean water is covered in oil? Because that is the Old Testament plauge scope of the current issue. No more beach. No more seafood. Consider that for a minute.

How many stories have been written through the millenia, warning of the hubris of man to build high towers or dig holes deep enough to rouse the Balrog? Though I like Oyster's description of this as the oil kraken. What Biblical or Mythological metaphor truly sums up this apocalyptic teachable moment?

I'm a glass half full kind of guy. There is nothing broken that cannot be fixed. But sometimes you have to consider what, exactly, you are breaking. Sometimes you have to consider how much the repair man is going to cost.


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