Thursday, May 06, 2010

Hornet's Nest

In the San Francisco area, several students were sent home for wearing American flag themed clothing on Cinco De Mayo.

Because what we desperately need right now in this country is more immaturity over the immigration issue.

Think that'll get some play on talk radio?

Yep. So do I.

I'll officially nominate the principal of this school for "Jackass of the Month."


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Dante said...

How is wearing American colors on a holiday Mexican don't even f'ing celebrate (unless you live in the very small region of Puebla) insensitive to Mexican-Americans? That would be like claiming something that happened on Christmas was insensitive to Jewish-Americans. Mexicans have plenty of big holidays. This is not one of them.

We're the ones who make a big deal out of it. Californians (who are Americans, like it or not) are the ones that made Cinco de Mayo the big holiday it is. It's their version of Freedom Fries. Californians weren't too keen on 19th Century French influence in Mexico so they drudged up a celebration from the southern reaches of Mexico to rub France's face in something. If anything Cinco de Mayo should be the thing that's insensitive to Mexican-Americans, not some American kids' refusal to celebrate the mostly-fake holiday.

You'd think that a place of learning like say... a SCHOOL... would know enough about its own state history to see through the bs here.