Wednesday, May 05, 2010

If This Is Real

You know what makes me really angry? The idea that we have might have multiple oil spill cleanup devices, including the MOP and the fire booms, already developed and (in the case of the fire boom) planned.

But no one went ahead and built the fire booms (so they couldn't be deployed) and it doesn't sound like anyone has acknowledged the MOP's existence.

I wonder if these were considered "earmarks?"

(HT: Liprap and Greg.)



jeffrey said...

Not to put too fine a point on it but this is exactly the issue I was talking about in the post you responded to below.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Yeah, and I'm 100% with you on that part. Please, talk about the fire-booms and the MOP system. Let's move that message.

But you lose me when you start calling for arrests. Maybe you're right and we can lock some people away for something.

I'd still rather talk about the unimplemented plans, and unbuilt and undeployed containment devices in the spirit of getting them implemented, built, and deployed RTFN.