Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lincoln Wins Republican Nomination

Update 11:30am: Talk about home-field advantage! The Tribune altered a photograph to show Lincoln reading their paper! How can we trust the media to report stories correctly when they are so obviously biased?

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Sorry I didn't post about this yesterday, y'all, horse threw a shoe and I had to go to the blacksmith to see to it. I missed most of the big political news from the wires yesterday until almost dark. Big day, especially for the Republicans.

They picked the new guy? So much for the Third Party going to their well of former-Whig experience.

I can understand that they wouldn't go with Seward and his ties to the New York political machine, but to bet it all on the tall man from Illinois? Color me stunned. I guess they're more worried about the Union's stability than I am.

This will certainly make things interesting in November. I still don't think the Democrats can get their crap together to field a unity candidate, but now they'll get to use the "inexperience" card.

Hopefully, the Dems can find a candidate with balls big enough to stand up to all the anti-government, "taking our country back," secessionist talk from the Fire-Eater wing of the party, but I couldn't name for you who that would be right now.

Anybody but Douglas.


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