Friday, May 28, 2010


I just went over to Instapundit.

To start off, I'll say that reading Glenn Reynolds' old MSNBC blog is one of the reasons I started my own site.

On the other hand, at the time I looked at Instapundit today, there were 5 links to "Stesak" posts (the guy who beat Arlen Specter in the Democratic Primary) and only one regarding any aspect of the Macondo BP Oil Flood. (I also accept that this may change as Instapundit updates throughout the day.)

That one link is advertised as a doozy, promising to cover corruption at the MMS.

I was interested, unhappy as I am that MMS shenanigans previously noted under the Cheney/Bush management may have continued after I voted for change. That makes me angry, and on lunch break, I like to feed myself with anger. I followed the link.

And now I'm shaking my head.

Much to my chagrin, this solitary link regarding the Oil Flood enlightened me that a group of folks is complaining about a Freedom of Information Act request the MMS was dragging their feet on, about how many emails the MMS had recieved in support of more offshore drilling. This is a terrible culture of corruption, they posit, and one that will not abate now that Birnbaum has resigned.



The prime critique of the MMS from the right is that they aren't implementing "drill, baby, drill" fast enough, or accurately representing the email campaigns of voters who support "drill, baby, drill" policies.

So, even though I am critical of the current administration's response to this crisis, those who stand the most to benefit from my displeasure propose that we speed up and increase the very behaviors that created the crisis.



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