Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Senate Bill a Victim of EFT

That's "Epic Fail Timing."

Don't worry, special interests, once this underwater oil gusher thing is forgotten by the easily distracted "what's on American Idol tonight?" crowd, you'll have a better chance to pass it. A good political move would have been to quietly put the legislation on hold until the air over New Orleans no longer smelled like butane crayons and the folks in the coastal parishes weren't wondering about all the cancer that could be caused by several hundred thousand gallons of possibly toxic (and expensive) BP chemical dispersant.

I mean, I know you might have had to wait 20 - 30 years to reintroduce the thing, but you can tie most litigation up for that long on appeal these days.

Right now, the Louisiana senate bill to prohibit university law clinics from suing government agencies or chemical companies isn't going to make it out of committee. And I have to grudgingly give props to Scott Cowen.

But despair not, special business interests, this gives you plenty of opportunity for other avenues! Now is your chance to prove how progress-prone and altruistic your motives really are!

If you're really worried about the business-friendliness of Louisiana, take this time to examine the institutional effectiveness of your state bureaucracy and that of your largest cities. Pool your resources to modernize those mechanisms. Worry less about taxation and litigation and more about how the near-feudal system of well connected folks in this state are able to monopolize fat government contracts and use red tape to stifle innovation, outside investment and badly needed competition.


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