Monday, May 17, 2010

Winning Combination

Guns, horses, cowboy hats and talk so tough I thought I was gonna have to do some push-ups. Now, this is a political campaign ad. I would vote for this guy just to see more of the miniseries.

Camera angles are awesome, like the close up on the horse when he's talking about his opponent. And hearing a deep drawl calling someone out for Facebook tomfoolery is full of win. The most over the top point is when he pulls out the Winchester. WTF? He's on a manicured lawn frontage of a family farm in Alabama. Do they have a problem with bears? One can only wonder what he's off to do with that rifle while wearing a pressed shirt, but don't that throw you off. The awesomeness here is self-evident.

I was born in Birmingham, and if I still lived there I would vote for Peterson.


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