Monday, June 07, 2010


Foreign Policy examines the patently absurd things being said about the oil spill. I'm surprised they just stopped at 4 pages.

They rightly begin their examination with the credibility-challenged Sarah "Media Hate Me" Palin, Rush "Natural Oil Spill" Limbaugh, Brit "Where's the Oil" Hume, and Michael "Heckuva Job" Brown. I wonder where my conservative friends are on these utopian, intellectually inconsistent and dishonest exclamations on the part of their representative establishment?

Because I know I can defend Obama's "absurdities" on an intellectual (if not emotional) level. Hell, I can even point out the few accuracies in Castro's lunacy.

But Palin laying this at the feet of the "greenies?" Seriously? It would be laughable if I didn't hear those words repeated right back at me from formerly-conservative family and friends who are content to follow these lemmings off ever higher cliffs.

Every time I feel frustrated with Obama, I remember what our alternative could be. I remember that Obama represents reality-based and actual, if limited, change from their policies, which are so full of demonstrable fail at this point I cannot believe their careers have not collapsed under the weight of their cognitive dissonance.


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suspect device said...

Not that this has anything to do with the current crisis, or the government's response to it, but the reason I voted for Obama was not that I thought he was the God King come to lead us, or that I agreed with everything he said or might say in the future, but that he was smart and reasonable and capable of admitting error.

If you had thirty minutes to sit with a President and try to get him to change his moind on some policy position, would you rather engage Obama or McCain?

What about Palin? (shudder)

So yeah, I might vehemently disagree with him on occasion, but at least I'm convinced there's som intellectual process going on that led to a rational decision being made, and not God/CHeney whispering in his ear ...