Thursday, June 10, 2010

Anti-British Rhetoric

The British want us pesky Americans to tone it down. Our President is being too critical of British interests for their liking. While PM Cameron expresses sympathy, others are taking issue with American displeasure.

Lord Tebbit, the former government minister, also criticised Obama's attacks on BP and its management.

"The whole might of American wealth and technology is displayed as utterly unable to deal with the disastrous spill – so what more natural than a crude, bigoted, xenophobic display of partisan political presidential petulance against a multinational company?"


I understand that there are a lot of British pensions caught up in the price of BP's stock (aren't you glad Social Security isn't overinvested in BP stock?), but expecting Americans not to be enraged about this is asking far too much. Hell, I don't think many Americans are angry enough.

We're facing the greatest ecological catastrophe in our nation's history, coupled with a dumping of toxic dispersant that would be considered the largest chemical weapons attack in the history of the world if it wasn't directly linked to "cleaning up" a forseeable and incompetently planned-for industrial accident.

And the British expect us to STFU about it? Unbelievable.

The comments section in that article goes off the rails very, very quickly.



Don Kiddick said...

Oh shut up knobhead! We know the difference between anti-British and just expecting a company to live up to its expectations. Obama is indulging in nationalist populism of the worst sort. And unfortunately the head of BP is not a great PR operator. Americans spread their shite across the world with a big butter-knife. Bhopal??? Chemical disaster, 4000 dead. US company??? Piper Alpha, 50 Brits dead in the North Sea???COmpany based in LA. Stop fucking whining. And anyway BP is sucking up the oil for you yanks - the oil-thirstiest nation doing more to fuck up EVERYONE'S ENVIRONMENT. Stop whining you bunch of hypocrites!

patsbrother said...

Oh, no. I once made a random British joke around a young cousin of mine and his mother cringed. Apparently, he heard about the Revolutionary War in school and he's not ready to forgive and forget that one. His mother strongly urged me to try to help wean him off his burning prejudice. That was a few months ago.

He lives in New Orleans.

On the upside, if there are any ethnic slurs for Britons, I now fully anticipate I'll finally learn them soon...

Dante said...

I was always hoping I'd be the first person on this blog to throw out the term knobhead. I guess if you snooze, you lose.

I must admit Obama has a knack for infuriating the British. From poorly thought out DVD gift sets to premature birthday greetings to this BP incident (which I do agree with him on), I'm kind of expecting Obama to pull a Naked Gun next time he meets with the Queen (Frank's reception mess, not the Reggie Jackson business).

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

I think the media is just trying to stir up emotions in a bid to hype Saturday's World Cup match.

But in all seriousness, irony is complaining about the imagined behaviors of the more environmental choice for President. Especially since this administration's "nationalist populism of the worst sort" includes keeping the press from surveying the worst of the damage, just to protect a foreign company's image.

The cognitive dissonance over this BP Macondo Oil Flood is deafening.

Cade Roux said...

I love this hypocrisy - Norman fucking Tebbit - about as xenophobic as they come (from

"In April 1990, he proposed the "Cricket test", also known as the "Tebbit Test", where he argued that whether people from ethnic minorities in Britain supported the England Cricket team (rather than the team from their country of origin) should be considered a barometer - but not the sole indicator - of whether they are truly British.
Tebbit told Woodrow Wyatt in 1991 that he did not think immigrant communities would assimilate "because some of them insist on sticking to their own culture, like the Muslims in Bradford and so forth, and they are extremely dangerous".[37] In August 2005, after the 7 July 2005 London bombings, which were carried out by three young men of Pakistani descent and one of Jamaican descent, Tebbit claimed vindication for these views.[38]"

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Thanks Cade.

Should have known he'd have a history like that. One of the most effective xenophobic, nationalist populism devices is to manufacture a xenophobia in another place where it doesn't exist.

Cade Roux said...

Pat, I think they used to dress him up in a Nazi uniform on the Spitting Image satirical puppet show.